Few days of enlightenment –A Private Yoga Retreat

Spirituality is but a second character in a man, hidden carefully due to mundane matters, but always sparkling. It needs a certain push to shine, and come out of its shell. At Mister and Art House, we always tend to cater to your physical as well as mental requirements to breathe, function and rejuvenate out of the stressful life that we lead.

Presenting 'A Few Days of Enlightenment', a 7 night's retreat and stay at the guesthouse, assembled with participation of 2 hour sessions of 2 classes to be conducted at morning and evening. These two classes will be taken by a Private and Trained Master, who is an adept practitioner and will nurture your senses to absorb the positive qualities and vibrations of Yoga, Meditation and Chanting.

Mister and Art House Exclusive Experience:

This is an exclusive yoga retreat offer on one and one basis with male yoga master

The Retreat includes 7 Night stay at Mister & Art House and freshly cooked, wholesome vegetarian, breakfast and dinner on daily basis

The Retreat offers 2 hrs of Morning yoga and meditation and 2 hrs evening yoga and meditation.(14 classes)

Two classes of introduction to Tantra Meditation

The Program includes 2 sightseeing tours on Delhi City

Two in room FULL body massage by a Male therapist

Inclusive of 2 Airport Transfers.