Benjamin G (US) says,

Reviewed 5 April 2017

“Highly Recommended ”

We stayed at Mister and Art House in early April for our first two days in India and it was great. Krishna collected us at the airport which saved the stress of working out what taxi service to use. We stayed in the Master suite and it was nice having a little extra luxury getting used to India. Raj also greeted us upon arrival. Breakfast each day was wonderful which always included something local. We also took a day tour of Old Delhi with Indapink which was highly recommended as well.

Pratha (Denmark) says,

Reviewed 2 April 2017

“Perfect Place to Relax”

I was fortunate in finding Indjapink Tours and the Mister and Art Guest house on the internet. I decided to investigate and am very glad that I did as I certainly made an excellent choice. The accommodation at the Guest House was extraordinary, I was greeted by a grinning Krishna at Delhi Airport and then, as Krishna was on holiday, I was looked after by Raj. The tour arranged, to my specifications was excellent and I had not one moment of worry or concern. The hotels arranged out of Delhi were superb and the guides were very knowledgeable and friendly. I will certainly use IndjaPink as my tour agents for my next visit to India and will certainly stay at the Guest House when in Delhi.

Edward (Baghdad, Iraq ) says,

Reviewed 7 March, 2017

“Nice safe neighborhood.”

I had the pleasure of staying here during my recent visit to India.

The staff was wonderful, the accommodations were comfortable and clean.

Nice safe neighborhood.

I would definitely stay here again and I have already made recommendations for my friends to visit.

Andy E (US) says,

Reviewed 27 February, 2017

“Perfect Place to See India”

I have been fortunate to travel all over the world, but I had not yet had the opportunity to travel to India. My work took me to Hyderabad, and I wanted to take a 10-day vacation while there. Without ever traveling to India, and looking to not worry about booking travel or finding my way, I decided to use a travel agency. I also wanted to experience India as a gay man, thus I found online The Mister & Art House and Indjapink for gay travel. I read the reviews which were positive and decided to reach out to them for more information.  

My first contact was with Krishna S., who is the travel coordinator for Indjapink. He was very helpful when I described the time I had to travel, and what I wanted to see, he recommended their Northern Panorama Tour (this is the famed Golden Triangle), a seven night and eight-day tour. It was perfect! I am still buzzing from the historical sites, food, culture, experiences with the guides, and the events the hosts took me to. There was no possible way I could have seen and experienced so much in such a short period if it wasn’t for going through Indjapink.

One call out on booking with Indjapink, and most places in India, they will ask you to email your credit card and passport to confirm booking. I was very hesitant to do so, but after verifying with my bank that I was not liable, I went ahead and booked. It was all handled perfectly with no issues passing this personal information to Indjapink.

My tour started when I landed in Delhi airport and was greeted by Krishna, a perfect gentleman, then escorted me to who was going to be my primary driver for the majority of the trip. Devendar my driver, a 26-year-old handsome Sikh-which over many miles of traveling through Delhi, and around the Golden Triangle, we had an opportunity to bond and share many stories. He was an excellent driver and always seemed to appear at the exact moment I needed him. If you have not experienced India driving be prepared for “controlled mayhem”, but through it all Devendar demonstrated amazing skills and I felt totally safe in his hands-he truly looked out for me.

Arriving at The Mister & Art House I was greeted by Amid with a refreshing drink. He also prepares meals and is available for ensuring you have your room needs met. This was an introduction to what was to be a wonderfully welcoming and accommodating guest house. The guest house is excellently decorated, the rooms are large with walk-in showers, and on my second stay the room had a jacuzzi tub. It has ample space in the living and dining area for sitting and meeting other guests and sharing a drink. Amid prepared many excellent meals during my stay and made sure I felt very welcome.

I later met Raj, who was just a prince, so kind and made me feel we had been long-time friends. He saw that I had more than I could ask for while in Delhi. He saw to my adventures out at night with my guides for the evening, and arranged amazing masseurs that were waiting at the end of my long days of sightseeing to rejuvenate my psyche. And yes, how could I not have a crush on Raj-a man who reminded me of sexy Dermot Mulroney!

One of the best guides I have ever had was in Delhi, Gaurav Goyal, who had a wealth of historical knowledge, described all the sites in perfect English, and always with a beautiful glint of handsome humor and fun. He truly made Delhi’s history and culture come alive.

After my 2 days in Delhi, they flew me to Varanasi, where I observed two ceremonies on the embankments of the Ganges, one in the evening, and then more personal by boat at sunrise. It also included a tour of the old city, and how they make the famous silk fabrics. I could not miss of course visiting where Buddha is believed to have founded Buddhism there around 528 BC when he gave his first sermon.

I flew back to the Delhi airport where Raj and Davender greeted me and off I shot to what was to be an awe-inspiring tour of the Golden Triangle starting with the Taj Mahal in Agra. I can’t find where I wrote the name of my tour guide for the Taj Mahal, ItmadudDaula, and FatehpurSikri, but he was excellent. I didn’t expect the Taj Mahal to impact me as much as it did. I have seen many sites, but watching the sun come up on the Taj Mahal will always be a highlight of my vast tours.

The next two days I spent in Jaipur, and had another life-time event riding elephants to the Amber Fort. I fell so completely in love with the elephants that the follow morning Davender and I made a side trip to visit the village where they care for the elephants, and for a donation you can learn to mount an elephant by being lifted on her trunk to crawl over her head. You can feed them, wash them, and if you like decorate them in natural based paints. Amazing!!

I so enjoyed my stay at The Mister & Art House, and looking for a little down time before returning home, I decided to stay a couple extra days. Raj made sure I had a room and that those last two days were as memorable as my first two. I highly recommend The Mister & Art House if you enjoy more intimate guest houses or B&B locations, that come with an excellent personal touch.

8citiesaweek (US) says,

Reviewed 12th February 2017

“Thanks Guys”

My partner and I stayed at Mister & Art House during Christmas 2016. Very friendly and hospitable staff. We were made to feel welcome from the beginning and we got to know the staff and other guests well.  

The rooms were clean and tidy.Some interesting and funny art pieces, as well as a beautiful living room area.

We corresponded by email to set up the tour and our stay. The hotel was well located and we could get to most parts of Delhi quickly.

Over New Year's Eve there was a party on the terrace that was fun.

One thing I really enjoyed and was the meal you can order at the hotel. It was delicious and I would recommend it

Jason Lee Norman (US) says,

Reviewed 27 January 2017

“Good Support”

Stayed here twice.Once in December and again in January. 

Lovely art pieces, some made me chuckle... comfy and large rooms!

The team and the owner and wonderful, they were so helpful, attentive and always went the extra mile for me.

Breakfast was lovely also!

Had many laughs with the team and the owner took me and one of the guests out for dinner and drinks, he is a top guy...

The inhouse team I can't thank enough for making my stay a great one. Personally I can't rate them high enough.

Thanks guys and I hope you enjoy your stay as much as I did :-)

Ravi B (US) says,

Reviewed 18 January 2017


My husband and I stayed at Mister & Art House during Christmas 2016, we also ended up using their tour company, Indja Pink. Overall, it's a great location with friendly staff. 

We corresponded by email from the beginning, which was clear and any miscommunication was resolved promptly. It was convenient being able to pay for the hotel room ahead of time via credit card.

Two staff members (Krishna and Raj) picked us up at the airport and drove us to the B&B. Ahead of time, they had purchased SIM cards for our iPhones which made it a lot easier to travel around India. The staff was very friendly and helpful, even with the smallest things. For instance, we didn't pack any adapters for the Indian plugs and they helped us find some for our chargers.

The room was spacious with a clean attached bathroom. They also left little desserts/snacks on the bed in the afternoon after cleaning the room, which were perfect after a long day out exploring the city.

The location is near the center of town and with Uber, you're never more than 3-5 dollars away from anywhere in the city. The staff also helped us speak with the Uber drivers, since the drivers often spoke no English. They also kept us abreast of gay parties going on in the city, forwarding us the invites on Whatsapp. That's especially useful for gay travelers trying to learn about the scene in Delhi as it's mostly underground.

Jim Young (US) says,

Reviewed 12 June 2016

“Perfect Place to Relax and See Delhi at the Same Time”

I had been staying and working in India for an extended period of time and needed "a break". One would not ordinarily think going to Delhi would be the place for that, but it was just what I needed. 

Raj was waiting for me at the airport and escorted me to the hotel. The hotel is situated in a very quiet and safe neighborhood in the city and is truly a place where one can relax in complete comfort. The staff is incredible and accommodated every need I had.

During my time Sanjay and Raj also arranged tours of the city and of Agra. Both came off without even one snag. Raj also showed me local places to eat within walking distance of the hotel.

In short, the hotel and accommodations could not have been better in any way. It will go down as one of my fondest memories of India.

Norm Borque (Montreal, Canada) says,

Reviewed 4 May 2016

“What we needed”

After our first visit to India in 2013, we decided that we had to go back. In 2016 we spent February March and April driving through the south (Karnataka, Kerala and Tamil Nadu) then moved to the north east to Sikkim and West Bengal to end in the north west states of Punjab, Himachal Pradesh and Uttarakhand. After 3 months on the road we needed a quiet place where we could relax and be worry free for a week. I search the internet and found the Mister and Art House, a gay B&B type of establishment. It is located in the ‘posh’ Greater Kailask 2 enclave which is just a short tok tok ride ( 60 rupees) to the air conditioned subway network. GK2 enclave is a new development and there are not many restaurants around however, we found a take out place with outdoor tables called Relax Xpress just at the exit of the enclave. The guy in charge, Gagan, is a very handsome Indian who spent 7 years in Scotland so no need to tell you how funny it was to have an Indian with a Scottish accent. He was a lot of fun and is very interesting to talk with. 

Now back to the Mister and Art House. The place was somewhat difficult to find du to the strange address system in Delhi. The place has no outdoor signs so it is very discreet. We were greeted by beautiful Amar who is the person in charge of the daily operation of the establishment. When we arrived, our room was super hot (over 45’C) and it took a couple of days to bring it down to a comfortable temperature. Unfortunately, as soon as we would go out, the A/C would be turned off which I objected to. The bedrooms are beautifully decorated with rustic and antique furniture and many of the comforts of a regular spacious hotel room (minibar, a secure drawer for valuables and in some rooms a safe, capacious armoires). The morning breakfast prepared by Amar was most subsistent and offering a choice of western breakfast with fresh fruit, hot or cold cereals, eggs, toasts, juices coffee or tea but also plenty of local food and soups (yes soup for breakfast) which were just divine.

The place is kept spotless and you feel really pampered. The next day we met Raj who is the activity planner. One of the options which was offered to us was an Escort, dinner at a posh restaurant and then an evening of dance at a clandestine gay party. Of course the fee $200+ does not include dinner for you and your escort (an additional $200 nor does it include the entrance to the party. I was a bit turned off by the escort thing so I did not take advantage of the offer. Raj was however very sweet and he accompanied me to a party for a charge of course.

Another minor thing that annoyed me was that unlike other hotels in India, The Mister and Art House does not provide complimentary water bottles, it is not about the 70 rupees but it is a matter of principle. It makes the place feel a bit cheap.

The one point that I was very pleased with is that we could have guests coming over to our room which is very important when you are in a country where most people live with their parents so they do not have a place to ‘entertain’. This gave me the ability to meet extraordinary people. 

The Mister and Art House allowed us to have our rest and relaxation and provided us with an extraordinary opportunity to meet people outside of the touristic areas. I am planning another trip to India and this time I will spend more time in Delhi and for sure stay at the Mister and Art House. I would recommend it to my friends and to any gay person who wants to explore the gay life in Delhi..

Jan Abbelos (Boston, Massachusetts) says,

Reviewed 23 April 2016

“One of a kind - pink - experience”

Very nice house. Very friendly staff and excellent meals (I had a Friday evening dinner and weekend breakfasts - all catered to me). The room and bath were very comfortable - just as any 4-5 star hotel. A few things could have made it better - I never got to meet any of the other boarders over breakfast, and while there was a party going on Saturday night after hours, I was not invited. Either way, I had a very nice time. The massage was fantastic as was the chef. Highly recommended.

Mark Eberhart (Orlando, Florida) says,

Reviewed 20 April 2016

“Perfect place, exactly what I needed.”

My stay was exactly what I needed, rest and relaxation.

I arrived just prior to Holi, Raj and Sanjay arranged a great Holi celebration on the terrace, with a beautiful international crowd. So much fun. 

The guest house is perfect, so mellow and peaceful, perfect hosts, perfect guests. Wonderful Indian cuisine, when I ate in. Perfect location, I could run a 10k in the Jahanpanah city forest, less than a 1/4 of a mile away. 

The city came alive with my Indjapink guides, exploring everything I wanted to see in and around New Delhi.

Raj, Sanjay, Krishna, the whole group, made me feel comfortable and at home. I would recommend the guest house to any and all. I will go back.

Gabey Fisher (Washington DC, District of Columbia) says,

Reviewed 16 March 2016

“Excellent Experiance”

I chose the Mister and Art house because I wanted to feel comfortable and they sure made that a reality. Raj picked me up from the airport as requested and was kind enough to stop at an ATM before we got there. He also was my escort for my Saturday evening tour of the Delhi night life and he did an excellent job. I had an amazing time at dinner and out at the club dancing. Amar did a great job taking care of my needs at the house, providing a lovely breakfast, and being helpful when I needed him. Sanjay was friendly as well and invited me to the rooftop for a fun gathering he set up. I enjoyed talking with and meeting the people he had over. My room was clean, spacious, and the bed was comfortable. Be sure to turn on the water heater for hot water though! I will definitely stay at the Mister and Art house again when I return to Delhi. Highly recommended. Many thanks to all of the staff for their friendly service and for making my time in Delhi enjoyable.

Owen and Philip (Washington DC, District of Columbia) says,

Reviewed 16 March 2016

“Friendly and inviting”

We had just finished an epic trip around India and our last dinner was on the roof terrace of Mister and Art House. Sanjay and George made us feel most welcome as well as others they had invited so we could share and understand gay life in Delhi. Also George had designed the yummiest of meals for us. Sanjay whisked me off to view the rooms and all the delicious art displayed and it was hard not to take out the credit card!! Thank you so much boys. A well-presented and warm place to be.

Jean Yves Chauliat (Annecy, France) says,

Reviewed 31 January 2016

“A gay guest house in Delhi”

Better than an international hotel with no character, we stayed at the Mister & Art House as part of a tour organised by IndjaPink, the gay travel agent for India. Great guest house, well located, nice rooms, friendly and efficient service.

David C says,

Reviewed 6 January 2016

“Part of the overall IndjaPink "bespoke" travel experience.”

My friend and I stayed at Master & Art House while in Delhi, prior to and after our road trip through Rajasthan last month that was organized by Indjapink, who run the House. We could not have been more pleased. The intimacy of the space coupled with the upscale furnishings were only surpassed by the extraordinary meals. Our breakfasts on the terrace were particularly remarkable, featuring multiple options plus local delicacies that we found to be delicious. Far preferable to a hotel, this B&B offers a truly relaxing and unique accommodation with all the modern conveniences we might expect from home (but not necessarily in India).

Stephen P (Minnesota) says,

Reviewed 10 December 2015

“The first gay male boutique guesthouse in Delhi! Comfortable, friendly and welcoming.”

This is the first gay identified boutique guest house in Delhi (opened at this location Aug., 2015) and is a very enjoyable, homelike place to base your visit to Delhi. It is located in Greater Kailash II, which is not terribly far from Indira Gandhi International Airport. It is about a ten minute ride via rickshaw (Rs 60-80) to the nearest Metro Stop (Hauz Khas) although Nehru Place is also not far. Access to the Metro really makes almost the whole Delhi Metro area available.

There are four bedrooms beautifully decorated with rustic and antique furniture and many of the comforts of a regular hotel room (minibar, a secure drawer for valuables and in some rooms a safe, capacious armoires). There are beautiful art pieces, most for sale, including quite a lot of homoerotic art.

Breakfast was generally good with porridge, fruits, toast, eggs juice an coffee, and, on a good day, parathas. It was very enjoyable to sit around the breakfast table with other guests, getting to know each other and trading notes on adventures in this vast and multi-layered city. There is a kitchen for making breakfast but no restaurant as such. They have an arrangement with a local restaurant to have food delivered if you like and on our last night we took advantage of it. (Rs 1500 for 3 of us.) The food was very nicely done Mughlai and Punjabi and just right for preparing to fly.

One drawback is that Greater Kailash does not have a lot of good restaurants. In Block M, a 10-15 minute walk from the guesthouse there are two pretty good looking Italian restaurants, one specializing in cooking from Emilia Romanga, and Yeti, an excellent trans-Himalayan restaurant (Nepali, Tibetan and Bhutanese) where we ate (and enjoyed) twice. (Reviewed elsewhere in TripAdvisor and highly recommended.) There are more restaurants in Hauz Khas 15-20 minutes by rickshaw.

The staff is friendly and knowledgable and also operate a travel company that can arrange sightseeing trips of almost any kind in Delhi or elsewhere. Every once in a while they arrange parties with drinks and food with their gay friends on the rooftop.

The room I occupied (like most places in India) had a separate water heater (called a geyser--pronounced "geezer") and you needed to make sure to turn it on. The geysers could have been larger as they yielded up just enough hot water to get through soaping up and washing off before the water began to run cold.

In difficult situations, the staff were helpful but tended to respond to complaints a little defensively. It was a minor issues and will undoubtedly get better as they gain experience. The tariff per night for us was Rs4950 with some additional taxes. An airport pick up or drop off is a reasonable Rs1750. There is also an in-room massage available which we did not try.